CHENG KANG Introduction  Cheng Kang History

Taiwan food, safety intentions

From 1986

Cheng Kang Food was established in 1986, the founderwas hoping to promote his favorite drinks to vast Chinese market, of course soybean drink was the most popular traditional drink for Chinese.

In early Taiwan, general consumers and students bought breakfast from the street hawkers,they ate a steamed bun or bread with a plastic bag of soybean drink; this looks not hygienic and difficult to maintain the nutritional elements.

The founder was thinking about how to provide consumersa healthy and preservable product, and also keep the nutritional value and flavor same as fresh drink, this was the motive to found Cheng Kang Food and our goal is to promote this healthy Chinese drink to the world.



2024 Jacksoy Food Development's 'Collagen Protein Soy Milk' Available in Taiwan's 7-11.

2024 To provide consumers with higher quality products, we have fully implemented 'AI inspection' across our production lines to further improve yield rates and manufacture even higher quality, safer products.

2022~2023 Jacksoy Food supplies 'Campus Food Traceable Soy Milk' to campuses nationwide, including Kinmen, Matsu, and Penghu. This product is also available at 7-11 stores throughout Taiwan.

2021~2022 正康食品公司雖然在全球疫情爆發期間,但業績依舊暢旺往上提升,添購全新超高速包裝機,每分鐘處理能量最高達800瓶,提升供給需求量及品質。


2020 2020 Cheng Kang Jacksoy soybean drink exports to Japan
2019 Council of Agriculture and the John Tung Foundation recommends Cheng Kang’s “Taiwan Black Soybean Drink” into the schools.

2019 Tokyo Food Show / Taipei Food Show / Indonesia Food Show / Philippine Food Show / Malaysian Food Show


2011 Sales area broadened to Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangxi
2012 More expanded to Beijing and Shanghai. Have been selling in the most high-end department store in Shanghai-The First Yaohan Mall and also Bejing CCTV Tower.
2013 Export to Tokyo, Japan, as well as Singapore.
2014 Exports to the EU, ex.the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, France

2015 Export to Melbourne, Australia.
2016 Sell to Heilongjiang and Urumqi, China.
2017 US FDA visit the factory, on-site audit of factory documents and production process, we passed world-class food safety certification.


2000 Transform into export food trade enterprise from domestic manufacturer
2001 Transform into export food trade enterprise from domestic manufacturer
2002 Transform into export food trade enterprise from domestic manufacturer
2003 Certified by H.A.C.C.P management system

2004 Sales expanded to the Taiwan General Welfare Service of MND(Ministry of National Defense, ROC)
2005 Marketed ChangKang’s own brand to mainland China starting from coastal province Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang.
2009 Sales channels gradually in-depth China's inland cities.
2010 Sales to the supermarket, bakery and also expanded to Wal-Mart and other large international chain stores in China.


1986 Chang Kang Food Co., Ltd. was founded
1987 Developed non-preservatives soybean drinks
1988 Sales channel in northern Taiwan.
1989 Enlarged sales channel to eastern Taiwan, including Hualien, Taitung, Yilan
1990 Introduction of semi-automated production lines to increase the throughput.

1991 Sales channels expanded to schools.
1992 Distribution to retailers, supermarkets
1993 Sales channels expanded to warehouses.
1998 Chang Kang products won the Consumer Gold Award
1999 Introduced automated production packing machines to meet the market demand.